Back At It

I’ve finally been writing again for the past couple of weeks–and it feels amazing. I’m just so all or nothing that if I fall out of habit, it’s lost. Routine, routine, routine. There’s no way I could live without it, which sounds so boring, but it’s the boring truth.

I’m reading IT with my cousin in preparation for the new movie coming out in September. So good. Then, I’m going to start Forever and Five Days for a serial killer book club we’re starting at work (no judging).

Besides that, summer is all right. A little stressful, a little relaxing, nothing too exciting.

A Killer Book Club

Once we move and get settled, I’m going to launch a serial killer book club. So far, myself, a co-worker, and our boss are totally game–might be able to lure in a couple others, too.

So, I’m researching to see which books might make a great and terrifying reading list. I think including a mix of non-fiction and fiction would be nice. Here’s what I’m thinking so far:

Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry

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Planning for Fall, Wrapping Up Spring

Summer? Meh.

Today was a big day (!!!) for my fall class plans. I enrolled in the Digital Rhetoric course and the book recommended to me by the program’s graduate advisor arrived. It’s called The Economics of Attention. I jumped into the first few pages, and it’s already very interesting to me. It’s my first real taste of rhetoric, and I’m looking forward to the main course.

I got one of the last two slots left for the class, so I am thankful for that. I found my professor’s website, which includes what looks to be an outline of the class, or at least a previous version of it. That will be nice to look over.

Not sure if I mentioned this, but my best friend is getting married in less than two weeks. I’m the maid of honor, so getting my toast out and memorized is my next most pressing thing, besides switching out utilities and other wrap-up moving things. Oh, we’re moving, I also don’t know if I mentioned that already or not. I think so. Anyway, into a cute old house in Lansing. My mind is flooded with decorating and day dreaming about living there, which makes focusing on anything else more complicated. Not good because I want this toast to be excellent. I need to buckle down, but I rarely do.

Catching Up

Wow, where to start? Long story short, Sweden was great and I want to move there someday, at least for a little while. Alex and I moved in together under unexpected circumstances, but it’s working. So, yeah. Now you’re caught up.

I’m probably leaving out some important life events, like the life-changing writing conference I went to, or my short-lived stretch of house hunting, or how I was going to be a forensic linguist, or the recent passing of my Grandma. And I still might talk about those things. But not now.

Now is just for my current status, which is somewhere between lifestyles and pursuing goals. Alex and I are moving because our apartment complex was bought out and our rent is going way up, plus more utilities. I’m over it, I understand that that’s life, and now I am looking forward to the cute little house we will be renting in Lansing. I’ll have a shorter, much faster commute, we will have more space and freedom (I think). Plus, we will get to try out house life before actually buying one.

I’m also applying for graduate school in the spring, and I think I have settled on the Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing program. I’m really excited, especially after looking through the course list and talking to my boss, who went through the program, and the graduate advisor. I’ve purchased myself a sort of intro book recommended to me, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ve started an outline for my academic paper to apply to the program–a modification of the one from my undergrad portfolio that’s about the de-Romanticism of fairytales. We’ll wait and see if I stick to that realm.

My goal is to really commit to more writing every single day, and that means for myself. My hope is that one of the three small bedrooms at our house will become a sort of work space/library. I’m not bringing our satellite TV with us, either. I get sucked in every time. It’s one of my least favorite things about myself. Netflix is already too much gloriousness.

In other news, gearing up for my oldest friend’s wedding early next month. I’m so excited, and I’m so happy for her and Alex (not my Alex, her Alex). It’ll be a night to remember because I’m cliché as fuck.


We applied for them, and once we have them, we can book our flights—and then it’s ON! I’ve never really planned a trip like this, but the whole process is pretty fun. We started a private Facebook group to just post anything and everything Sweden related that we might want to check out while we’re there. I guess it isn’t so mach planning as it is Google vomiting, but it’s something. I do need to buckle down on learning svenska, though. “Hej” and “Hur är dig” probably won’t get me too far.


Change of plans—going to Sweden!

We kept talking about different destination options, and no one was really making a decision, so we split a bottle of wine, wrote all our options on pieces of paper, and picked Stockholm.

I am excited for so many reasons.

  1. Neither of us have been here.
  2. I can go full-force with learning Swedish and not have to worry about learning French at the same time, or instead of. Plus, if I fail at learning Swedish, everyone speaks English over there anyway, so no pressure.
  3. The food looks so good, and we can have options of city fun and outdoor adventure.

So, I guess three reasons, but okay, whatever. Enough reasons.